Best list of the most popular online business ideas

There is no exact figure, but there are findings that more than 100 million freelancers around the world have succeeded in making small companies online at home.
The advantage of having your own boss seems to be very strongly motivated to give up stable jobs to embark on this corporate journey.
If you are planning to start your own business, here is a list of the most popular online business ideas available to someone who is happy to be available happily.
The list of 40 kinds of online business ideas is wonderful, but please also see the new video “Online Business Ideas for Making Money”.

1. Social Media Manager

Social media is an integral part of business, but it takes time and is constantly changing. To obey, especially to earn money is very difficult. Many business owners are willing to outsource this tedious work, so this is a great opportunity for fanatical people of social media. By combining exciting deals such as “Startup Social Media Kit” and “Small Business Social Starter Kit” including social media graphics and analysis reports, you can earn more than expected customers.

2. Kickstarter / Indiegogo Consultant
It is a difficult task to attract an interesting browser’s attention on the most popular crowdsourcing platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. If you know how ingenious it is to use human emotions, this is a niche worth studying. Many emerging entrepreneurs are seeking individual advice to turn campaigns towards the finish line. Therefore, please provide behavior-oriented e-books and online courses for this audience.

3. Distance Sales Team
Amid the increasing number of companies working on lean, the core business approach, outsourcing calls and telesales functions are becoming standard in startup environments. Even when you sell customer data such as sales plans targeting SMEs, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, the possibilities are very high.
4. SEO Expert
One of the most fashionable professionals in the online world, this business is a gold mine for technology-savvy entrepreneurs. Everyone is crazy about the web site optimized for SEO, but I do not care little about this topic. If you choose to enter this area, you can think of creating links, creating content, providing SEO optimization on the page, and similar unique packages.
5. Sell courses online
Derek Halpern has built a very powerful personal brand. He is the founder of a software and business training company called Social Trigger and earns a lot of money by teaching people the best. What he knows best is how to sell it. If you have serious expertise you can earn money by selling an online course or just teaching online
6. Write a resume
To break a valuable resume is impossible for many people. Writing a resume may be a very good place to start a business if you know how to handle words well and know how to emphasize the best qualities of people. In addition, you can sell clever resume templates that help candidates get noticed sooner and get better results.
7. Write a speech
Talking is a difficult experience. Bad speech … Well, nobody wants to be in this situation. Word Smith has a huge ability to win people, with just a well-equipped set of forces. If you can write it, you can acquire this skill by making a speech making birthdays, wedding ceremonies, awards ceremonies and political discussions an unforgettable experience.
8. Coach to talk
Of course, the next thing in the list is to train people to make a beautiful speech. Public Speak is the greatest fear against the list of most people – the death of fear is over! This feature is useful in a variety of fields from presentation to investors, to communicating important messages at global conferences. When you are on the stage, entrepreneurs will sell effective presentation templates and online courses to help rediscover their communication skills.

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