10 Most Popular Online Business Ideas

1. Self-Publishing Author

If you have a next Harry Potter manuscript in your drawer and the publishing industry is not well with you, you can publish it yourself. In addition to working with tools like Amazon Direct Publishing and dedicated consultants like I_Am, you can not only push your work there, but also keep 100% of the royalty. Do not you think you can write a good novel? So, please be with what you know – each other’s help is a kind of money generator!

2. Conference Coach

Online and mobile dating is booming. Thousands of people around the world are searching for love online. Unfortunately, many people failed to search. As a date coach, it is necessary for your clients to acquire the ability to help prepare and prepare the perfect day, and to advise what they are doing and not to live . I love it.

3. Mysterious Shopper

Well, it may be quite difficult, but if you plan to build your own test buyer army, that is a good starting point. Customer experience is one of the biggest obsession of online and offline merchants. Therefore, there is a big possibility here! Let’s look at some of the existing platforms here and here.

4. Sales of professional photographs

The number of websites and online blogs requires a steady stream of beautiful high quality photos that help companies attract and attract more customers. Creating a photo library is a great business idea to accommodate almost any industry regardless of the size of the company. For details, please check out sites such as SmugMug, Photoshelter, iStockPhoto.

5. Error check

Error testing is a service that software companies can not ignore. If you can build a platform for crowdsourcing skills and expert resources to tackle this area it will be a good opportunity to make a profit. For details on this model, see BugFinders and CrowdSourceTesting.

6. Accountant

Please establish a good online presence by selecting your niche (tax accounting, personal finance, accounting, financial reporting etc) and creating and promoting your website. This is a great potential job, as most retailers and small businesses are seeking help from account specialists.

7. Investment adviser

Many middle-income people want to build a strong investment portfolio to ensure a financially stable future, but I do not know where to start. It is natural to provide investment advice to medium-sized investors in cases where you have professional experience as an investment analyst or when you make a lot of investment.

8. Mysterious goods store

Witnessing strange things may help to manage a mysterious store to combine a thirst of strange things and a stable income source. The SomethingStore and Muddy Creatures embody the surprising purchase concept using the researcher’s instincts that many of us have. There is no precise science or ability to promote this business idea. You can shake your imagination …
9. Relationship ยท Coach
Several people seem more intuitive than others. They are suffering from loss of self-knowledge, they are not participating in a destructive relationship. If you can identify with this description and feel your relationship is rather happy and stable, perhaps you are one. You need a sufficient understanding and certification before investing in related workshops and books and teaching others, but it is an attractive business idea that is economically and morally rewarding.
10. Dietician

Here is the tendency to eat health. However, as there are many conflicting online tips on what is good for us, more people are turning to professional dieticians seeking specific tips and advice. You can easily find free online courses, you can learn the basics of this profession and provide individual nutrition plans online.

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