Optimal opportunity for small business in 2018

Welcome to the list of the best small business in 2018 chosen from various industries. To create my list,
• There is a possibility to make a profit for many years now.
• You can do good in an era of economic uncertainty.
• You do not need a doctorate or decades of experience. In some cases business school, university degree or earlier education is required, or the industry may require only some prior knowledge and enthusiasm.
• It does not require a large amount of seed money and does not require anything necessary for startup, such as commitment, diligence, perseverance, wish for success.
Most of these options can be managed as a home based business.

If your life’s goal is to be very rich, you probably will not be there as an owner of a small business. But you have the opportunity to earn healthy income, you are your boss and you can make all the decisions. You can have a more flexible lifestyle. Build something from scratch will greatly reward you to start a business.

Here are tips for small business ideas based on current trends in business and demographics.

01. Virtual reality
A young Asian with a VR at a modern cafe
Virtual reality computing (VR) is a major step in integrating users into a realistic sensory experience. Manufacturers of hardware and software are dedicated to commercializing new virtual reality products, and parabolic growth is seen in the industry.The VR market is estimated at $ 40 billion by 2020, Or more.
02. Crafts
Welding machine
It is disappointing that some parents today tend to prevent children from seeing skilled professionals as professional choices due to erroneous assumption that companies are low in wages. Craftsmen are generally high in wages and can enjoy a satisfying career.
It is estimated that 40% of current craftworkers retire in the next 10 years and demand for talented workers will increase in the next occupation.

03. Software development and development
Start-up company’s young computer programmer
Software developers and developers create, test, and maintain software on a variety of platforms, from mainframes to mobile devices. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developer demand increases by 17% every year until 2023, and the average salary in 2014 exceeds just over $ 100,000 per year.
The essence of software development is ideal for contracts. Many software engineers start as employees and become independent contractors. With cloud computing and easy remote access, software development is an ideal home based business.

04 Services for children
Small children jump balls on training courses. The child care market has business opportunities in various fields as follows.
• High quality primary education including environmental services such as outdoor kindergartens
• Art classes and events
• Teach essential skills such as reading comprehension, mathematics, English
Fitness class including tennis, swimming, soccer, golf lessons
If you work with children and have training and experience, why do not you do business with them?

05 Renovation of apartment
If you have a design in your blood and want to realize the dream of renovating your customers, why do not you make it a company?

For those who need repair or refurbishment at home (or business), it is difficult to find house improvement work, please ask a busy person for good things. Housing renovation is a business that always works well in times of economic uncertainty.

According to statistics, the average homeowner in the United States spends about $ 3,000 per year to renovate. This is a terrible business for carpenters, painters, drywall builders, roof takers, roof takers and other merchants.

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